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Musical Family Tree Store

Speading Indiana Music

Supported By

With support from: Arts Council and the City of IndianapolisIndiana Arts CommissionNational Endowment for the Arts

Donate to MFT

Help us spread Indiana music, and we'll give you special rewards as our way of saying "thanks!"


Want to donate Indiana music artifacts to MFT's physical archive? Please contact us.

Want to add your music to MFT's digital archive? Create a band account below!

Please read through the instructions and fill out the form below, including uploading images and MP3s. If you have a problem with this form please contact us or try a different browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox if possible.

Before you begin, flash must be enabled in your browser in order to upload required files. Need help enabling Flash? Read the blog post How to Optimize Your MFT Website Experience.

NOTE: Musical Family Tree archives Indiana music and music with a substantial connection to Indiana (used to live here but moved away, recently moved here, a member of the band still lives here, etc. - "we played there once" is not enough). 


IMPORTANT: Our goal is to archive original compositions by Indiana artists - so no cover bands or copyrighted music that you don't have permission to use. By filling out this submission form you are confirming that you own the recordings that you are uploading for consideration. We reserve the right to remove any songs or band listings at any time for any reason. Thank you!


Step 1: Contact Information

Please provide a current email address you will check regularly. This is how you will receive confirmation for the account so that you can login and edit your band profile. It is also how MFT will reach you if we have any questions.

Step 2: Band Information

Provide any relevant information you would like to appear on your band page. You can edit this later too.

Step 3: Related Bands

There will be a list of every band on the MP3 Archive. Drag bands that contain members of your band into the "Related Bands" column. This step is optional; we welcome artists without connections to other acts as well.

Step 4: Upload Images and MP3s

You may upload as many band-related images as you want. You must upload at least two MP3 files to be approved, but there is no limit on how many songs you can upload after the page is created. When the page is approved, your songs will be added to an album called "Recordings" on your page by default. Be sure to put tracks in a new album any time you add music to your page, so that the new tracks will show up in the "New Music" feed. 

We will send you a message with our decision as soon as we are able to review the submission (be sure to check your spam folders too, and please contact us if you don't hear back within a day or two). Thanks for being part of Musical Family Tree!


Step 1: Contact Information
Step 2: Band Information
Step 4: MP3s
Step 1: Contact Information
Step 2: Band Information
Step 3: Related Bands
Step 4: Upload Images & MP3s