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Here at Musical Family Tree, our purpose is to spread Indiana music and culture in order to help cultivate a sustainable music scene. We are a nonprofit organization, so we depend on community support and partnerships with other organizations.

If your business or organization is interested in reaching a large audience with diverse cultural interests, MFT offers a range of sponsorship and ad products starting as low as $100/mo. We'll even discuss trades for sponsorship status or site space. Of course, if you are interested in sponsoring a MFT series (like the latest, "EP in a Weekend") or reaching an even wider audience, we also have higher-end packages available that would reap enormous benefits for your organization.

To learn more about our sponsorship packages and what an MFT sponsorship can do for your organization, please contact us at:

The Facts: MFT currently has over 2,000 user accounts, 900 bands, an e-mail list that is 4,000 strong, over 7,000 download/stream requests per week, and around 10,000 unique visitors per month. And although our acclaimed archive and blog have been around for several years, we've only just begun to restructure around our new purpose: spreading Indiana music. If you like what we do, share our vision, or even if you're simply looking to expand the reach of your business or organization, chances are we would be the perfect partner - contact us today!

Donate to MFT!

Donate to MFT!

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