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Speading Indiana Music


Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.


To collect and make available quality independent/underground music in hopes of exposing it to a larger audience. We start with our friends in Indiana and see where they go.

How does a band/artist/music get on the site?

Mostly we look for stuff that is related to something already on the site preferably with an Indiana connection since that is where we are from. We encourage bands on the site to record their live shows. There is no real limit to how much music or images you can put on your band page. You can contact me about this stuff at


Musical Family Tree is run, paid for, created, obsessed over by Small Box, an Indianapolis, Indiana web design company founded by Jeb Banner and Joe Downey in 2006. MFT personell: Jeb Banner - founder, archivist.  PJ Christie - archivist, web master. Jordan Wilson - web design and programming. Dan Fahrner- archivist and blogger. Chris Menkhaus - live recordings. Jake Petroff - talent scout. Justin Shimp- blogger and moderator. And many, many friends who help out - thanks! Contact us at


Set up as a simple way for friends to share their music with each other. Started as a .org on 01/31/2004, acquired .com around 12.04. In 2005 Joe Downey got involved and subsequently we switched to MySQL and PHP format 07/05. Held the first annual Musical Family Tree Festival in November 2005, second annual in October 2006 then organized and sponsored the Broad Ripple Music Fests from 2007 through present. Upgraded site again with new functionality including streaming music players and user functions 12/05. A new version of the site with an online community, powered by Ning, was launched in early Spring of 2008. With a re-design and additional archive functionality MFT was re-launched yet again in Summer of 2009.


Portal to the archive and community with notices and attention grabbing information.

Where you can browse the Indiana Music Archive with over 300 Hoosier bred bands. Listen, download or upload, add or update your own Indiana band.


Where you can create a profile and socialize with other members of the MFT family.


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